How to Get a Job Using Social Media

Finding employment can be a difficult endeavor during these tough economic times. It is now more important than ever to find unique ways to network and stand out in the job market. The invention of social media has opened a door to a new world of possibilities to self-promote your skills and land the perfect job. Many prestigious companies are now joining the wave of social media and recruiting employees directly from many of these sites.

Facebook, the pièce de résistance of social medial sites, offers the perfect medium for self-promotion. Most businesses today have a Facebook page, which allows you to “like” or “friend” a prospective employer and communicate your job skills. You can also note your education and employment history in your profile. Another creative idea would be to post tidbits of useful information pertaining to your job skills on your Facebook wall, such as “Tips for faster filing” or “Proper phone etiquette at work”.

LinkedIn is a site specifically designed for business-related social networking. The site allows you to use your profile as your resume and present it to potential employers. Employers using the site can post jobs for jobseekers, and you could also be recommended for a job from someone in your social network. The site’s forums allow you to communicate with other like-minded individuals who may share similar career fields.

Uploading a video on YouTube is a great way to showcase your talents and job skills. The video can be formal and reserved, or more quirky and humorous. Just remember to emphasize your job talents in a concise and interesting manner while keeping it professional.

Many social networking sites allow you to create blogs. You can demonstrate your expertise in a certain job skill and gain a following of avid readers. This can also attract the attention of prospective employers who may be impressed by your written works.

Utilizing Twitter is a great way to promote any blogs or videos showing off your job skills. Like Facebook, most employers today are connected to Twitter, which allows for direct contact. Companies can also quickly transmit tweets informing followers of any job openings.

Before embarking on the journey of job hunting through social media, make a list of job skills that would make you a valuable employee. Dust off the cobwebs from your resume and update it. A reputable resume service may be needed to polish your resume and give it a finished look.

Social networking is not just a pastime for teens and tweens anymore. Many people now view it as a useful tool in career advancement.

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