Bennie Randall Jr – The Motivator – I HATE MY JOB

Question 3 – I hate my job, The Motivator helps a viewer understand the true meaning why she hates her job.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

You might assume that they’re just three waitresses,one cook and a dishwasher but they see themselves as an artist ,an actor,a lover,an author and a revolutionary.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. You know, I stumbled upon this video “accidentally” but I figured I’d watch
    it anyway & I was rather impressed You advised informatively on the Law of
    Community the very necessity that Our growth as in the Human race depends
    on. It also seem that You have chosen a field that also pleases Your heart
    sharing knowledge with the public & that is something I am also very happy
    about doing because knowledge is really power, power back over Ones Self &
    who’s better to have power over that?

  2. This video is great, thanks for sharing your insight

  3. amen! i feel the same way…even on my days off it’s always looming in the
    back of my mind! you are not alone, know that!

  4. Thank you motivator. I don’t know how I got to this video from what I
    started browsing for but I’m glad I did. It was just what I needed to hear :-)

  5. Very wise! many blessings to you and thanks for sharing!

  6. This guy talks alot of sense. Great inspiration, thanks.

  7. If my life span was 110. I would die at age 55 to win the lottery RIGHT NOW.

  8. Great Advice…and well said…

  9. I am greatful, thankful and love my job. I love it when Im there. I love
    people and they are everywhere….. the buzz of voices makes we warm and
    fuzy inside. I have a personal battle: the first hour im awake and
    preparing to go work. The first hour: wanting to sleep or eat or what to do
    with myself or why not work 4- 10s instead of 5- 8s? Or when will I have
    time to fix this at home or fix that? After the 1st hour im fine and I love
    driving to work. Because Im going there.

  10. First of all LOLOLOL!!! Now that I got that laugh off my chest, I have just
    given up on finding a job that I like. Just when I get a job I love, it
    will pay me $2.25 a hour, or it will pay me well and make me want to will
    want to slit my wrists every minute I am alive. My only way out is to have
    random sex w/ a rich person then blackmail them or I could committ
    suicide…I was going to say get a degree but I have a Master’s and still
    can’t find a job, please kill me now!!!!

  11. Well said. Well done. thanks

  12. Great advice!

  13. Great piece of advice motivator Keep up the good work

  14. I wanna be a subsistance farmer in a hollywood mansion, with playboy
    bunnies wandering about and no real profession requiring dollars. OK where
    do i start?

  15. Nice one! Would you mind linking to my video – I Hate My Job Xmas No1 ?!!

  16. On second thought, No fuckin way. My life is way more valuable than money.
    Even if the quality isnt as good, and i have to spend alot of time working.
    Giving up half you lifespan to win the lottery would feel like selling your

  17. Excellent, thank you very much.

  18. I wonder what’s on that bookshelf behind him

  19. You’re very good. Thanks for this

  20. Me three! Sunday nights suck! I’ve thought of transferring to another
    branch in an area where there’s less unemployment so I can look for a good
    job. Maybe.

  21. right on time,. -keep up the job



  24. Oh my god i have to see this movie, it looks great!

  25. Oana Pellea is the beeeeeest….she’s great, just GREAT

  26. This movie is brilliant!!!

  27. im srry but im PRETTY PREOCUPIED HERE!!!! hahahahahhahahahaha!!! that was

  28. I was weak at the end of the movie when Neve Campbell made her naked speech
    to all the customers!!! I wish somebody would upload that scene.

  29. Great movie!

  30. Yes you right. pitoupanda

  31. where can i find the entire movie

  32. great trailer. i like it i want to put in my site: ireallyhatedotcom

  33. Neve Campbell in her birthday suit! LMAO! People are looking at her like
    “What the hell?!”

  34. this movie is so funny !!

  35. At the end of the movie Danny Huston does a song and dance act ala Fred
    Astaire. It is great! Would someone please post this on You Tube! Tpatgr

  36. 25 again

  37. Hey! That’s MY line. They stole it and used it as title for this movie :(

  38. Neve Campbell is the best.

  39. great trailer. i like it

  40. the acting seems over the top

  41. great trailer. i like it i want to put in my site: ireallyhatedotcom

  42. i’m tired of that bitch Neve Cambell. She can suck a big fat one and get
    the hell out. I think it was all those scream movies that ruined it for me.
    She was hot in The Craft

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