#AskNacole | I Hate My Job & Nursing Right Now

#AskNacole | I Hate My Job & Nursing Right Now

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13 Responses to “#AskNacole | I Hate My Job & Nursing Right Now”

  1. Most nurses don’t get their dream gig right out of school and have to start
    in a position that sometimes sucks. Back in the day we used to call it
    “paying your dues’. Everyone who has paid dues has felt this way at one
    time or another.

    I remember moving to San Diego for a job as a new critical care nurse. I
    was in a new city in a new job, didn’t know anyone and feeling kinda sorry
    for myself. I remember verbalizing to someone that I hate it and feel like
    I made a serious mistake. That wise person said, “Don’t judge it until you
    have done it for a full year”. That was some of the wisest advice I have
    ever gotten. After a full year I really enjoyed my job and had a social
    life and loved living in San Diego.

    So if you are in a job you hate right now, tough it out for a full year. If
    you still hate it after a year, then look for a new job or transfer within
    your hospital. There are a lot of opportunities for nurses who have 1 full
    year of employment and a good evaluation from the manager of the unit.

    There are so many opportunities in nursing that there is no reason to stay
    in a position where you are miserable. However if you agreed to the job, I
    highly advise that you complete what ever commitment you made. Do the job
    to the best of your ability and get a good evaluation. If your manager is a
    true professional he or she will understand when you decide to move on and
    most likely will give you a good reference.

  2. This video is right on time! I have now been in a heart and vascular step
    down unit for six months and this place is not what I was told it would be!
    Lots of geriatric patients with dementia…. Not for me. 😢

  3. Great video. I can totally relate.

  4. Thank you for this video! :) I truly needed this right now.

  5. Yes nursing is such a love/hate relationship. I hope to start in labor and
    delivery or pp. Hopefully :-( 

  6. As a new nurse, I started in an acute/chronic dialysis unit. My hospital
    does not outsource dialysis. We do it all in house. Dialysis was a gift
    because I not only got to deal with the same patients each week in the
    outpatient clinic, I was able to do acute dialysis in the neuro,
    cardiovascular, and medical ICUs. This gave me a lot of experience.
    However, I realized I needed even more experience as a brand new nurse so I
    transferred to med surg and remain in dialysis PRN. Med surg is not what I
    expected, but I am learning how to be a better nurse everyday. We have a
    six patient load and lots of meds. We run all day. But I will look back on
    this job and be thankful even though it’s not my dream job. Thanks for
    being an inspiration. I love being a nurse. 

  7. Ugh I hate nursing I went through hell being a nurse not even with the
    patients but with the staff.

  8. Sounds like a day in the life of long term care, can’t wait to become and
    RN because long term care in my opinion is horrible in my facility there
    are 20+ residents to each nurse with a multitude of issues.

  9. We’ve all worked somewhere that we didn’t want to. Back in the day we used
    to call it paying your dues. Put your year in on any floor that would take
    you, do a good job, get a good recommendation and move on. That’s how it

    Back in the day I moved to San Diego to start a new job. I was in a new
    place, didn’t know anybody, and my new gig was becoming a struggle and I
    was wondering out loud to someone if I had made a serious mistake. That
    very wise person said, “Don’t judge something until you have done it for at
    least a year”. That person was so right on the money because I felt
    completely different about my circumstances after that 1 year mark.
    Sometimes you still might hate a job after a year, so then it is time to
    look for a new job or transfer within the hospital. Once you have worked at
    an institution for a year there are a lot of opportunities available,
    especially if you have done a good job on your floor and have gotten at
    least 1 good review from your manager.

  10. Yall have a career I hate my job I work as a cashier at walmart I hate it I
    tried everything like cna medical office assistant and I could not find a
    job in it then I suck at math so college algebra I can’t pass so no degree
    so I’m at Walmart I would love to be a nurse always have I guess it’s not
    meant to be

  11. I love your vids!
    I’m a student from the Netherlands, i love nursing.. But i guess my study
    is different than yours in the US? 

  12. I’m not even a nurse yet but your videos are amazing and give good insight
    on what to expect 👍

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